FOCUS: A Blueprint for a Happier Life

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Focus: A Blueprint for a Happier Life is the product of one person's journey from nowhere to somewhere, from misery as a young adult to a life full of joy.

Writer/editor Barbara Sachs Sloan started life as an Army brat, moving from place to place. Sometimes the Army would move her family as often as three times in one year. She would make friends quickly only to have to leave them behind as the Army took her away to another place, another beginning, another group of friends, another parting.

Moving around so much left her with a fragmented, disconnected view of life, almost no knowledge about what living in one place would be like over the long term, and a deepening sadness inside. By the time she left home to begin her adult life, she felt lost and alone.

Thinking her rootlessness was the problem, she studied people who had not been raised in a military lifestyle or moved around as children. Right away it became apparent to her that they had a homebase, lifelong friends. To her surprise, however, she discovered that many of them, despite their "traditional upbringing," were as unhappy as she was. The answer, then, had to lie somewhere outside whether a child moved around or stayed put during its developing years. It took her 20 years to discover the secret that then formed the foundation for her FOCUS Blueprint.

In 1985, she developed a system for staying steady in a happy, productive state of mind. She wrote a self-help book for herself. Titled FOCUS, it served as her own daily reminder to stay on track, to keep her thoughts aligned and clear, to keep her mood as positive as possible amidst the ups and downs of daily living, and to make steady progress toward what she wanted in life.

FOCUS: A Blueprint for a Happier Life is her offering to those other souls out there who are unhappy and living lives they want to improve.

Today, Barbara is busy bringing her Focus philosophy to life through a character in one of her novels and helping other writers succeed at getting published. Have a look at Barbara's professional site.

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FOCUS daily and...
Make good choices
Take care of your body
Get along in your community
Clear your mind
Connect with your spirit
Experience synthesis
Stay on track

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The best thing about having created the Focus Blueprint system is hearing people tell me how much they love it and how it has "changed their lives" and "transformed their thinking."
Barbara Sachs Sloan

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