FOCUS: A Blueprint for a Happier Life

~Helping you help yourself~

Change can be scary.

So you choose the same things over and over. Or you choose not to choose, and you remain stuck in a situation you don't like but are afraid to leave.

There is safety in familiarity. There is comfort.

Even if it is a bad familiarity.

But the longer you stay in a situation like this, the less happy you feel.

It is this unhappiness that is telling you of your real desires and needs, the ones that would require you to make choices outside your comfortable, safe, predictable pattern if you really want to achieve anything.

The funny thing is a choice is just a choice. The discomfort you feel attached to your trying to change for the better is coming from your fears about venturing into the unknown, about taking risks, about disrupting the status quo, about not knowing for sure what the consequences might be.

But if you're unhappy with all or some part of your life, if you want to improve, you only have one alternative: to learn how to FOCUS on what works for you rather than against you.

Focus: A Blueprint for a Happier Life can teach you that and more...


FOCUS daily and...
Make good choices
Take care of your body
Get along in your community
Clear your mind
Connect with your spirit
Experience synthesis
Stay on track

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